Friday, October 30, 2009

New stuff at the Outpost : 10/30/2009

This week was a bit of a slow one for new releases, and with a few exceptions, things should remain fairly sedate throughout the Holiday season, as many manufacturers concentrate on selling through their backlist instead of trying to madly rush to get a product out for the holidays.  We did get a few goodies in this week, and here they are.


  • The Rifter® (Palladium System) is your doorway to unlimited imagination and numerous Palladium role-playing worlds. It offers new heroes, powers, weapons, magic and adventure for your games. It presents new villains, monsters and dangers to battle, and new ideas to consider. 

  • Shard RPG The Suns have risen, and a unique world awaits you. Welcome to Dardunah, World of the False Dawn! The animal within you can be unleashed in this truly cinematic role-playing experience that introduces an exciting universe of rich cultures, deadly intrigue, wild martial arts, mysterious magical rituals, and alien environments


  • Hydran Attack (Federation Commander) Includes eight scenarios, one of them is the Energy Monster. Also included rules for new terrain (nebula, black hole, pulsar). Includes 40 large counters for FCHA, 40 more large counters for the ships in Booster Packs 91-95, and 140 half-inch counters for both! 

  • Frostmarch Expansion (Talisman) Can you overcome the bone-chilling storms and strange creatures or will your blood freeze when you behold the Ice Queen's cold, cruel gaze? The Frostmarch expansion features 4 new character cards and plastic figures, 84 Adventure Cards, 20 Spell Cards, 24 Warlock Quest Cards, and 3 Alternative Ending Cards - including a final climactic battle with the Ice Queen. Brace yourself against the onslaught of the Frostmarch!


  • Garruk vs Liliana Duel Deck (Magic the Gathering) These ready-to-play 60-card decks showcase some of the best spells that green and black Planeswalkers have in their arsenal. Duel Decks: Garruk vs Liliana has eight rare cards, and six cards with new artwork, including foil alternate-art versions of Garruk Wildspeaker and Liliana Vess. Each of the cards in the 60-card decks will be black-bordered and tournament legal. This means that these cards are legal for use in any tournaments where the original printings are still legal.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New stuff at the Outpost : 10/22/2009

We've had a good deal of new releases into the store here this week, and instead of breaking it up into a bunch of posts, I'm making it all one big MEGA post of all of the fun and exciting stuff to come in this week.

So..without further adieu...


  • Pathfinder Bestiary - The Pathfinder RPG Bestiary is the must-have companion volume to the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. This imaginative tabletop game builds upon more than 10 years of system development and an Open Playtest featuring more than 50,000 gamers to create a cutting-edge RPG experience that brings the all-time best-selling set of fantasy rules into the new millennium.


  • Compass of Celestial Directions : North (Exalted)  -  The fifth of five Terrestrial Direction books devoted to fleshing out the bare bones of Creation presented in the Exalted core book, this guide to Creation's Frozen North features mass combat stats for the forces of Whitewall, Gethamane, the Haslanti League, and other Northern powers, as well as dominion stats for the Mandate of Heaven, plus traits for the North's native gods and beasts.

  • Prince of Undeath (D&D Adventure) - This adventure can be run as a stand-alone adventure or as Part Three of a three-part series of adventures that spans the epic tier of gameplay. The adventure begins in E1—Death's Reach, and continues in E2—Kingdom of the Ghouls.

  • Primal Power (D&D) -  This must-have book is the latest in a line of player-friendly game supplements offering hundreds of new options for D&D characters, specifically focusing on heroes who draw power from the spirits that preserve and sustain the world. It provides new archetypal builds for barbarians, druids, shamans, and wardens, including new character powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.

  • Sinister Woods (D&D) -  This D&D game accessory gives Dungeon Masters an easy and inexpensive way to include great-looking terrain in their games. This set provides ready-to-use, configurable tiles with which to build encounter locations.  This accessory contains six double-sided sheets of illustrated, die-cut terrain tiles printed on heavy cardstock. This set of tiles allows Dungeon Masters to build outdoor encounter sites with wondrous terrain.


  • Carcassonne: Wheel of Fortune - Wheel of Fortune is both a full replacement for the base game of Carcassonne and an expansion to the original base game. It includes 72 tiles, consisting of 63 tiles released in the original base game, 6 from Inns & Cathedrals, 1 from Traders & Builders and 2 from King & Scout. It also includes a special replacement start tile which depicts the Wheel of Fortune, a new mechanic unique to this edition of the game. The new start tile is the size of 16 tiles, arranged in a 4x4 square and is built using some of the tiles removed from the base game.

  • Grind -  Suspended just above a lake of seething magma, this flame-scorched arena is ground zero for the most brutal sport ever created—Grind! Here 10-ton, ash-spewing, steam-powered robots called steamjacks fight to move a giant, spiked ball into the other team’s goal. Using every weapon in their arsenal, these steamjacks slam, smash, and crush their way through the opposition as they tirelessly slug it out for the title. The Destructodome is the battlefield for two rival teams of armored metal warriors: the Iron Storm and the Steel Fury. With their eyes on the prize these two teams will stop at nothing to own the blistering field, so pack your playbook with cunning maneuvers, loadout your team with devastating weaponry, and get ready to stake your claim to glory.


  • Masters and Minions : The StarCorps Dossiers - Masters and Minions (Battletech) : The StarCorps Dossiers is a sourcebook from the perspective of StarCorps Industries, compiled from dozens of sources by an army of administrators, all with an eye towards furthering StarCorps markets and interest. Masters and Minions is a complete who’s-who of the BattleTech universe, with well over a hundred personalities detailed. Short overviews of all the major and most minor factions of the Inner Sphere are also included, briefly covering such details as their most notable factories, planets and military forces.

  • Retribution Strike Force Mage Hunter Unit (Warmachine)
  • Retribution Strike Force Mage Hunter Commander Unit attachment (Warmachine)
  • Nayl Character Solo (Warmachine)
  • Dawnguard officers and Standard (Warmachine)

  • Marcus Gideon, Undead Hunter (Reaper)
  • Drunken Pirate (Reaper)
  • Murkillor the Wraith King (Reaper)
  • Weapons Pack  VI  (Reaper)
  • DHL Classics : Female Barbarians (Reaper)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New stuff at the Outpost : 10/17/2009

We recieved most of our new releases in the middle of the week, but a few things managed to make their way in on Friday.   Here they are, in all of their gaming glory.


  • Space Wolf Battleforce (Warhammer 40k)

  • Arcane Legions-  If you ever wondered what happened to the guys from WizKids just take a look at this game and you will know what they have been doing with the downtime after WizKids closed their doors. Players each field "bases" of variable sizes (Sortie/small and Formation/large) with individual figures inserted into starting positions on the base. The goal is to control victory point areas and inflict losses on the opponent. Movement and battle resolution are conducted through a unique formation management mechanic that allows players to move figures around on the unit bases to increase either movement/melee/ranged combat at the cost of losing capabilities in the other areas.

  • Hell's Highway (Flames of War) Operation Market Garden:  The main forces included in Hell’s Highway are an Irish Guards Armoured Squadron, a Welsh Guards Armoured Recce Squadron, a Guards Rifle Company, a 2nd Household Cavalry Squadron, US Parachute Rifle Comapny (both 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions) and a Fallschirmjäger company with two variants for the veteran 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment and the battered and rebuilding 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division.


  • Realms of Cthulhu (Savage Worlds) Whether you seek action and adventure battling cultists in sun-drenched jungle temples, a shadowy milieu of dark words and impossible deeds, or a twisted mixture dredged up from the darkest recesses of imagination and nightmare, you will find the rules you need and the inspiration you desire within these pages. Four distinct styles impact how physical damage and mental anguish are handled. This allows you to effortlessly shape and direct the focus of your campaign, from the pulpiness of Heroic Horror to the grim desolation of the Dark Spiral. Insight and advice are offered to the Keeper concerning magic, modifying monsters, and creating adventures, as well as a detailed roster of supporting cast members, and a comprehensive bestiary. For Savage Worlds.

  • Mortal Remains (Cthulhu Tech) The New Earth Government. A place of progress and hope. A world carefully crafted by the powers that be to give lives to those it protects. The last hope of humanity in a time when it seems as if our light will be extinguished forever. The Migou. Beings from a nearby world who have always viewed the Earth as their backyard, to be used and abused as they will. Creatures caught unawares by what we have become and intent on destroying us because of it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New stuff at the Outpost : 10/14/2009

We have some exciting releases for RPG's and a magnificent looking board game in new at the store this week.


  • The Adventurers The Adventurers and the Temple of Chac is a new and exciting board game unlike any you’ve played before. From AEG and Dust Games, The Adventurers features a fast-paced thrilling run through the Temple of Chac, the Mayan rain god. As your intrepid adventurers delve through the ruins, they will face deadly traps guarding the ancient relics they prize.

    Featuring beautiful miniatures and exciting pieces to construct the traps of the temple, The Adventurers is one adventure you won’t want to miss!


  • Houses of the Blooded - Thousands of years ago, the ven ruled the world. They were a passionate people, obsessed with Romance and Revenge, opera and theater, and all the forbidden delights their decadent culture provided. In the end, that which made them beautiful was also the key to their own destruction. Houses of the Blooded is a game about tragic obsession. Set in the fantastic world of ven myth and legend, players take the roles of powerful characters bent on conquering their world, destroying their enemies and possessing all they desire.

  • Eclipse Phase RPG  - Eclipse Phase is an RPG set in Earth's far distant future, when humanity has achieved immortality by abandoning the need for physical bodies and transforming brain patterns into digital information. As a result, characters can change their bodies at will and always have a "backup copy" ready to deploy in case of "death." The game uses a percentile system and has no set classes, allowing customization based on skills, including psionic abilities.

  •  Starblazer Adventures - Gigantic fleets prowl the starlanes, mysterious aliens devise inexplicable fates for humankind, devilish scientists operate enormous engines of destruction and swashbuckling princes defend their world from ancient empires. 

  •  Secrets of New Orleans (Call of Cthulhu) - New Orleans is a city of many faces. The gaiety of Mardi Gras is juxtaposed with the rampant corruption that earned it the nickname "The City That Care Forgot." The genteel decline of the French Quarter, the location of the city's original settlement, stands in contrast to the rich opulence of the Garden District, where the Americans later built their mansions. Voodoo and Catholicism exist side by side. Behind it's shining mask the leering visage of the Mythos can be found.

  • The Tome of Secrets (Pathfinder) - The Tome of Secrets is a collection of advanced and optional rules for players and game masters of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

    • 8 new classes, including the Artificer, Knight, Priest, Shaman, Spellblade, Swashbuckler, Warlock and Warlord
    • 3 new races, including the Half-Ogre, Ratkin and Saurian
    • Rules for character occupations (what your heroes did before they were heroes)
    • A system for character drawbacks, fleshing out your heroes with flaws
    • New rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, including Chases, Morale, Stunts, and more!
    • Game Master tools including a random adventure generator, a monster modifier, and a generator capable of creating over one million magic items!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New stuff at the Outpost : 10/10/2009

Remember my last blog post where I mentioned that some weeks were feast and some were famine as far as new releases were concerned.  Well, hello there famine..nice to see you...again.

Only a few things came out this week of note.


  • Uncharted Seas Templates and Tokens


  • Warhammer Invasion - Warhammer: Invasion Living Card Game is an exciting two-player duel. The Core Set includes 220 cards, four player boards, and a supply of counters—all the materials necessary for players to take on the roles of either the indestructible Dwarfs, the shrewd Empire, the savage Orcs, or the vile forces of Chaos. Warhammer: Invasion Living Card Game uses a unique system in which players must expand their kingdom, carefully allocate their resources, and fiercely defend their capital against their marauding enemies.

  • Chaos Marauders - A vast Chaos army is marching north, when suddenly the sprawling mass of bored and surly Orcs grinds to a halt because of yet another petty feud. In Chaos Marauders, each player takes control of one of the Orc tribes involved, ready to show all the other mangy little creeps who's boss of dis ere scabby battle mob. Youll stop at nothing to win. No amount of trickery will be low enough, no amount of thugish brutality too vile. Who knows, you may even get the mysterious Chaos Marauders on your side! Only one tribe can come out on top - will it be yours? Chaos Marauders is a fast and frenzied game of Orcish mayhem for 2 to 4 players.


  • Karatas, City of Thieves -Located in the center of Barsaive, the city of Kratas is a veritable hub of information and stolen goods. Despite its location near almost all major trade routes, few honest merchants pass through the city, for Kratas is ruled and run by thieves. Its people are the clever and desperate, the illegally wealthy, and the horribly destitute of the province.

    Kratas: City of Thieves offers gamemasters and players an indepth look at Barsaive's most disreputable city. This book provides detailed descriptions of Kratas, its gangs, and the characters who call this city home, along with new and original content for adventures in the world of Earthdawn.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New stuff at the Outpost 10/7/2009

We received a midweek order this week that contained some MAJOR new releases, in addition to some special orders hitting in as well.


  • Retribution Warcaster Garryth
  • Retribution house Shyeel Magister Solo
  • Retribution Soulless Escort Weapon Attachment
  • Retribution Arcanist Solo
  • Retribution Ghost Sniper
  • Retribution Invictor Officer and Standard
  • Tharn Bloodweavers Unit

  • Rogue Trader - In Rogue Trader, players take on the role of a Rogue Trader and his most trusted counselors, empowered by an ancient warrant of trade to seek out profit and plunder amongst unexplored regions of space. Fame and fortune reward the bold, but the unwary find only an anonymous death!  (this book looks dead hot sexy - D )


  • Card Sleeves for American sized board games
  • Card Sleeves for European sized board games
  • Mini card sleeves for American board games
  • Mini card sleeves for European board games
  • Cthulhu 101 - Aimed squarely at those who are "Cthulhu-curious" and modeled after such short, light-tone books as the Bluffers Guide series, Cthulhu 101 combines clear, concise answers to common questions like "What is Cthulhu?," "Who is H.P. Lovecraft?," and "What is the Cthulhu Mythos?", complete with "Top Ten" lists of Lovecraftian stories, movies, and other Mythos milieu.  (this book is absolutely HILARIOUS!  I Highly suggest taking a look at it! -D)

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Claudius Syndrome

In the third Act of Hamlet, King Claudius tries to say, "I'm sorry." He has a lot to be sorry about. After all, he's murdered his brother, stolen his brother's wife, and taken the kingdom of Denmark. That's a lot of guilt. So he urges his "stubborn knees" to bend, and he tries to confess his sins, and be forgiven.

There's only one problem: Claudius is willing to say what he did was wrong, but he's not willing to give up any of the booty he's taken! He admits that his contrition is unforgivable since he is unwilling to give up the spoils of his ill-won battles.  He can't give up Gertrude or ruling the kingdom, and he can't confess to the people at large that he murdered his own brother. He's just not willing to pay the price for his mis-steps.

It would take a brand new definition of the word 'denial' to say that I'm not aware that there have been many many times I have not had the follow through that I should. At times, I can be what is best described as forgetful. This can be best exemplified in the way I have, or the way that I have NOT handled special orders.  I know for a fact that a lot of people out there are less than thrilled with my track record there.  Frankly, I'm not either.

Now, obviously, my sins are not as serious as those of Claudius. On the other hand, Claudius is an imaginary person who isn't real, while the mistakes I have made are real. So who is to say which set of crimes is more serious. In the end, Claudius and his cohorts on the stage are teachers, and the lesson they teach us is simple:

Saying your sorry isn't worth much if you're not ready to make amends for the actual mistake with more than just words.

It's difficult to make amends to those people for whom I've disappointed with my lack of follow through on the special orders.  The mistake is done, and in some of the cases, the offended have moved on or away.   What I CAN do, is to take steps to make sure that this doesn't happen again, and make sure that if I make a further mistake, it's met with more than just a 'sorry'.

I am committed to making sure that things like this don't happen again.  I MUST make my actions speak louder than my words.
Therefore, I'm instituting the following changes to the way that Special Orders are handled at the store.

If you place a special order at the store for a product that is not currently out of print, if I do not either contact you within two weeks as to the status of the order or have the product here in the store for pickup, you will be given a store gift certificate for three times the value of the special order.

Bend, stubborn knees. Because words without thought never to heaven go.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New stuff at Outpost 10/3/2009


Space Wolf Codex: The Space Wolves are back and are badder than ever

Space Wolf Pack: This box can be used to make Blood Claws, Grey Hunters, and Wolf guard.

Space Wolf Terminators: complete with plenty of hand to hand combat options.

Najl Stormcaler: master psyker of the Space

Lukas the Trickster: cunning and powerful Blood Claw

Board Games

Starmada: The Universal Game of Starship Combat is a simple (but not simplistic) board game of starship combat, in which players square off in a general attempt to blast each other's fleets into just so much space junk.

Starmada – Klingon Armada: Klingon Armada contains all of the rules options, additions, and starship designs necessary to allow players to pit forces of the Klingon Empire against their perpetual enemies, the Star Fleet of the United Federation of Planets.

Pandemic : On the Brink of Extinction: On the Brink will add new roles, new variants, and new diseases to the game. Some new roles include the Archivist, The Generalist and the Bio-Terrorist


Zendikar Boosters

Zendikar Fat Pack

Zendikar Intro Packs


Faulkner's Millinery and Miscellanea: The essential guide for 1867, Faulkner's is packed with detail on clothing, equipment, weapons and incredible steam powered devices. You are not properly equiped without it! Sourcebook for the Victoriana RPG

The Marylebone Mummy: A dinner invitation turns to a night of horror. Can the characters destroy the Marylebone Mummy before its too late.

Savage Worlds Weird War II: In the horror of war, dark things rise, and World War II is history's greatest conflict. Prepare to battle the evil of the Axis powers and the hideous things that rise in their wake