Saturday, October 17, 2009

New stuff at the Outpost : 10/17/2009

We recieved most of our new releases in the middle of the week, but a few things managed to make their way in on Friday.   Here they are, in all of their gaming glory.


  • Space Wolf Battleforce (Warhammer 40k)

  • Arcane Legions-  If you ever wondered what happened to the guys from WizKids just take a look at this game and you will know what they have been doing with the downtime after WizKids closed their doors. Players each field "bases" of variable sizes (Sortie/small and Formation/large) with individual figures inserted into starting positions on the base. The goal is to control victory point areas and inflict losses on the opponent. Movement and battle resolution are conducted through a unique formation management mechanic that allows players to move figures around on the unit bases to increase either movement/melee/ranged combat at the cost of losing capabilities in the other areas.

  • Hell's Highway (Flames of War) Operation Market Garden:  The main forces included in Hell’s Highway are an Irish Guards Armoured Squadron, a Welsh Guards Armoured Recce Squadron, a Guards Rifle Company, a 2nd Household Cavalry Squadron, US Parachute Rifle Comapny (both 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions) and a Fallschirmjäger company with two variants for the veteran 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment and the battered and rebuilding 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division.


  • Realms of Cthulhu (Savage Worlds) Whether you seek action and adventure battling cultists in sun-drenched jungle temples, a shadowy milieu of dark words and impossible deeds, or a twisted mixture dredged up from the darkest recesses of imagination and nightmare, you will find the rules you need and the inspiration you desire within these pages. Four distinct styles impact how physical damage and mental anguish are handled. This allows you to effortlessly shape and direct the focus of your campaign, from the pulpiness of Heroic Horror to the grim desolation of the Dark Spiral. Insight and advice are offered to the Keeper concerning magic, modifying monsters, and creating adventures, as well as a detailed roster of supporting cast members, and a comprehensive bestiary. For Savage Worlds.

  • Mortal Remains (Cthulhu Tech) The New Earth Government. A place of progress and hope. A world carefully crafted by the powers that be to give lives to those it protects. The last hope of humanity in a time when it seems as if our light will be extinguished forever. The Migou. Beings from a nearby world who have always viewed the Earth as their backyard, to be used and abused as they will. Creatures caught unawares by what we have become and intent on destroying us because of it.

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